National Concours Hippique Eext is a historic concours that will celebrate their 93rd anniversary in 2024. The event takes place from May 17th till May 20th in 2024 at the event ground in Eext. The competition takes place at the sand arena.

The schedule of CH Eext 2024 is as follows

Friday May 17th – Dressage

– Dressage Z1, Z2, ZZ-L and Subtop dressage

Saturday May 18th  till Monday Mat 20th – Jumping

– 0,70 till 1.40m jumping level for jumpers
– 0.30 jumping for jumping ponies up to and including 1.20

In addition, May 20th the harness horses are on the schedule.

To sign up, go to: www.mijnknhs.nl or write an email
Questions? Please get in touch with wedstrijd@cheext.nl

International competitors are allowed to participate as long as they have a KNHS license.